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We’ve had some interesting discussions around school as of late. Teachers are reflecting on technology integration that happened this year as we plan for the next. Administrators are discussing how to lead by example, with technology. All good things.

One group of teachers asked me, “If we want to move forward, but are feeling overwhelmed by everything, what is one thing we can start with that integrates technology and gives us the most bang for our buck?”

I didn’t hesitate much and responded, “Blogging with your students.” I don’t think I need to explain all of the benefits of blogging to my audience here on this blog. I am excited about the prospect of the students writing for a larger audience. Writing, reflecting, and commenting about all subject areas and happenings, and more!

The teachers seemed comfortable with the idea, which was helped by the fact that some other teachers in our school have been using Kidblog for varied amounts of time and have shared positive things.

But the best part happened next. I shared the story of my interaction with one of our principals. Based on other conversations we’ve had recently about leading by example, he brought an idea to the administrative team. They all agreed –  if our teachers and students are blogging, then it’s reasonable to expect our administrators to blog as well.

Later today, we had a follow-up meeting with the PLP team that worked this year to build our PLNs. We talked about next steps and how to get others in our school to ‘drink the PLN Kool-Aid’. Many ideas were generated, among them… yes, our leaders needed to set an example and build their PLNs. Our principal was in agreement.

None of this is a done deal, but just having these conversations is an encouraging step. Is it that the teachers are leading and the administration is following, or vice versa? It doesn’t matter; we are moving forward!


Image: Creative Commons/flickr K. Todd Storch http://flic.kr/p/4d7Cs


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