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I recently came across an article in a local paper about some college students attempting to go “Tech-Free” for three full days. I tweeted it out as a reflexive action. I did continue to think about it. A list-serve that I’m a part of started a larger conversation.

Should we try to go Tech-Free in our schools for a day, a few days, a week? NO devices at all… laptops, iPads, Smartboards, desktop computers, cameras, video? The conversation that went around on the list-serve supported both sides. Some shared that we could use the tech-free time to convey to everyone how dependent we’ve become on technology and appreciate how well it’s utilized. It would also provide the opportunity to teach topics such as Internet Safety and talk about cyber-bullying without using any technology. Many thought it was a terrific idea. I leaned the other way.

I don’t think I’d propose it in our schools. Here we are trying to get more teachers to integrate technology. Do we want them to stop using it? This reminds me of a previous post where I pondered the difference between using and integrating technology. I don’t think we want to stop the momentum.

What do you think?

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