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Ever since last summer at ISTE when I wasn’t able to get on the BreakOut Edu bus, I’ve wanted to share the idea and experience with others in our schools. Thanks to an amazingly supportive administrative team, we are now the proud owners of 5 BreakOut EDU kits. And on top of that, I was given the opportunity to play during a faculty meeting time, during which everyone was engaged in a game. (We used the Faculty Meeting game from the website.)

We had 5 teams of educators, who it turns out, got quite competitive. I’m not really surprised knowing some of my colleagues. It was fun, engaging, and energetic. They were all able to break out, with the final team coming in with 1 minute to spare! Afterward, many people thanked me for enabling us to experience those feelings with one another. We all need a chance to ‘break out’ of the routine, let go of the stresses, and just have some plain old fun together.

IMG_2481 IMG_2474IMG_3877

I truly appreciate this graphic via @MariaGalanis and @sylviaduckworth that’s actually a part of one of the challenges in the Faculty Meeting game. It sums it up nicely.


In addition to introducing BreakOut Edu to our faculty, I also had the opportunity to use the kits with a few groups of students during our recent Theme Week. For those sessions, I used the Teamwork game and The BFG game, also from the website. They were very different activities and the students gave great feedback about which type of game they preferred. It was helpful for me to use these ready-made games that others have developed and shared on the website as a way into the experience. I’ve also become quite adept at changing lock combinations.

Our teachers are ready and eager to take the next step and design their own games and use the kits with students. If you haven’t tried this yet, take a look, explore, and play. I highly recommend it!

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Post 15 on the 30-Day Blogging ChallengeName 5 strengths you have as an educator.

I’m halfway there!


I’ve come up with these 5 terms to describe myself. I wonder if colleagues or friends would think otherwise.


Passionate: I genuinely enjoy what I do and am passionate about education, technology, and the integration of the two.

Life-long learner: I love to learn. I am thankful for my PLN which helps me grow, see things from different perspectives, and learn more every day.

Hard-working: Because I like what I do, I find it easier to immerse myself in it. Time truly does fly! I imagine some in our schools wonder what I do all day as I used to with my predecessor. No one works harder than a classroom teacher; I’ll be the first to say that. But that doesn’t mean I don’t work hard. I do.

 Leader: Seven years ago I turned in my professional development plan for the next 7 years. (It’s time for my license renewal!) One goal was to take on more of a leadership role with technology. Needless to say, that happened. I find myself taking on more leadership opportunities and welcome the chance to work with and lead others.

Fun: I had to lighten it up a bit! I am more fun than some realize, though my children would beg to differ. It’s all about relationships, right? I spend a lot of time trying to build relationships. I wish others would do the same with me. They might like what they find.


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