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I just wanted to take a moment to share some positives that have happened recently.

First… in brainstorming some ideas with K-2 teachers about the upcoming 100th Day of School (who came up with this ‘holiday’?!), I thought we could use Google Maps. I created a map and shared it out via Twitter. The hope was to get 100 schools on the map by February 8th, our 100th Day of school. We met that goal and have surpassed it, with almost a week to go! Thanks to my Twitter PLN for helping to make that happen.

I think this demonstrated the power of Twitter and showed how truly connected we are. Many teachers in our schools were able to use the ever-changing map with students, showing them how it changed day to day, how many new schools had added themselves, and where they were.

The second thing celebration took place on Digital Learning Day. This was the first ever Digital Learning Day and in our schools we used it as an reason to take a snapshot of many of the things that happen involving technology on a given day. Teachers contributed to a shared Google Doc and described what they did and what technologies were involved. It was an amazing display! It’s impossible for me to grasp, day to day, just how much is happening around the buildings and this gave me and everyone insight in to that amazing phenomenon.

There are awesome things happening in our schools.

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