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I’m writing this to appeal to those at ISTE and those that are not. Basically, everyone! I sit here in this monstrous hall in San Antonio waiting for the keynote to start. The wifi is already going in and out. As I look at my conference planner app and ponder how to make the most of ISTE for the next two days, I realize I don’t see sessions that specifically meet my needs- or at least it’s hard to tell from the descriptions.

So I’m reaching out to my PLN and all of the ISTE attendees who see my tweet about this post.

I’m hoping to connect with others who:
Are using iPads with 3rd-8th graders
Do NOT have a 1:1
Are extending iPad integration beyond the substitution level
Have developed systems for how to share a device that’s intended to be a personal device
Understand the hope to use iPads for creating rather than consuming

If you know of any workshop sessions about iPads being shared effectively, please tweet to me, comment, or use other social media to find me so that we can connect and collaborate.

Thanks! Enjoy the keynote and the rest of the conference.

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I’m at my first ISTE conference in lovely San Diego. I’ve wanted to come to this conference for years, but it never worked out. One thing that excited me about attending now is that despite the fact that I came on my own from my school district, I don’t feel alone.

I’ve connected with so many through my PLN over time. The ability to meet some of these folks in person was a motivator. I attended the #edchat meet-up on Sunday and met many of those who I consider rock stars in education on Twitter. (see photo above)

I’ve dropped by the Newbie Lounge a few times, but ironically didn’t connect with many there. I still feel a bit like an outsider, but am not dissuaded by that. I have to overcome my introverted tendencies and put myself out there more. Hence this blog post.

Today I attended a session where many others in my PLN shared stories about the value of building and having a PLN. While the content wasn’t dramatically new for me, hearing more stories always helps. I don’t think we can ‘convince’ or teach people about PLNs without sharing those stories.

I met a few others face to face there and told them I thought they were rock stars in our world. They convinced me that no one is a rock star, we’re all just regular people. Some connect more or more often. Some have blog posts shared more often via tweets. Seeing some names pop up on Twitter more often doesn’t change who they really are deep down.

We’re all in this together as educators, for our students. Connecting only enhances that.

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