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Some interesting turns of events lately. After our work with Powerful Learning Practice (PLP) this year, I was convinced even more about the power of being a connected educator. I decided to offer a course locally to help others begin that journey. I got in touch with a professional development organization that coordinates courses for educators. The ball got rolling and it became a reality.

I’ve publicized and marketed this offering via Twitter, a list-serve, at several conferences after presentations about PLNs (my own and others), meetings, and via email to specific people. After about 3 months of marketing and spreading the word, I found out this week that there’s one definite person registered. One.

I dug deep to figure this out. Are there too many other offerings in the area this summer? Are iPad courses taking all possible participants? Is work on the Common Core taking precedence? Does the blended-learning model I’ve offered (some face-to-face, some online meetings) not appeal to people? Perhaps educators just aren’t ready yet for this topic? (That can’t be, given how many educators ARE on Twitter, but maybe people not on Twitter just don’t get it?)

Then, our school district announced that we’d try a pilot program where teachers teach teachers in a summer course and support them in implementing the ideas the following school year. I was one of the teachers asked to do this with my peers. I used much of the same description for this course as the first one, with the focus on becoming connected educators. This was just announced yesterday to our faculty and there has been overwhelming response! We were going to limit it to 6 participants, but now it’s been doubled.

Why has this school-based course taken off when the other course didn’t? I’m going to chalk it up to the PLP experience. We have 5 others besides me from our team sharing with our colleagues about the value of being connected in our schools. My theory is that teachers in our schools have heard and are ready to get connected. Yeehah!

What do you think?


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