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We did ‘celebrate’ Digital Learning Day again this year. There were many amazing examples of how we are integrating technology into our everyday learning. Given that we have a school goal to connect, share, or publish with a larger audience, it was a perfect opportunity to recognize and honor the work that’s been done.

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Our Wildcat mascot

Many of our teachers are using Kidblog with students – so having them comment on one another’s blog was a natural offshoot for the day. Some of that happened class to class within our district. Others blogged and left comments for students in other states and countries. Our reach is extending! Skype played a part in some classrooms which was a great way to connect between the two school buildings in our town, but we also had classes Skyping with Canadian classes and a class in Greece. One first grade class physically went to visit another class, and shared the digital book they had created on iPads. There was a lot of ooh-ing and ahh-ing heard. We also have two math classes doing an amazing collaboration down the hall from one another – tweeting, blogging, and videocasting math conjectures with one another.

We experimented with a tool that’s new to us by using Thinglink to showcase some of the things that took place on Digital Learning Day 2013 in the Williston School District. Take a look and feel free to comment here or on the Thinglink.


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Giving Thanks

Here’s a list of some things happening in our two schools in the last 2 weeks and coming up this week. I feel blessed to work with such an amazing group of teachers and students.

  1. First graders blogged about what they’re thankful for.
  2. Second graders Skyped with a class in Philadelphia to compare locations.
  3. Middle school students are adding information about their town and school on a Google map for others as a resource.
  4. Kindergarten and first/second grade classes left comments on one another’s blogs as ‘blogging buddies’.
  5. Middle school students discuss, via blog, the benefits of blogging.
  6. Teachers in our schools added their favorite places to visit on a Google map to build culture.
  7. Middle school students created a video about lures that predators might use, acting as news anchor people.
  8. Third/fourth graders used a collaborative Google doc to share ideas about being smart and safe with technology and online.
  9. Kindergarten students shared what they’re learning when using the iPad on video taken with the iPad.
  10. Middle school students took digital photos of math in nature, posted them on their own blog, then described the math featured in the photo and justified their thinking.
  11. Middle school students Skype with volcanologist in Michigan to ask questions about super-volcanoes.
  12. Kindergarten students use iPads to get to their blogs, then create posts and save.
  13. Third/fourth graders are using a Google presentation template to share knowledge about famous peacemakers.
  14. Middle school students learned about Creative Commons and Fair Use in preparation for a project where they’ll be incorporating images.

That about says it all.

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